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noun in·su·la·tor \ˈin(t)-sə-ˌlā-tər\

: a material that allows little or no heat, electricity, or sound to go into or out of something

Full Definition of INSULATOR

:  one that insulates: as
a :  a material that is a poor conductor (as of electricity or heat) — compare semiconductor
b :  a device made of an electrical insulating material and used for separating or supporting conductors

Examples of INSULATOR

  1. Metal is not a good insulator.

First Known Use of INSULATOR


Rhymes with INSULATOR

abdicator, abnegator, activator, actuator, adulator, advocator, agitator, alligator, allocator, animator, annotator, applicator, arbitrator, aspirator, aviator, brachiator, buccinator, calculator, calibrator, captivator, carburetor, castigator, circulator, commentator, commutator, compensator, compurgator, concentrator, confiscator, congregator, consecrator, consummator, contemplator, corporator, correlator, cultivator, decorator, defalcator, delegator, demonstrator, denigrator, depredator, desecrater, designator, detonator, deviator, dissipater, dominator, dura mater, educator, elevator, emulator, escalator, estimator, excavator, explicator, expurgator, extirpator, fabricator, fascinator, figure skater, flocculator, formulator, fornicator, fractionator, fumigator, generator, gladiator, hesitater, hibernator, imitator, immolator, impregnator, incubator, indicator, infiltrator, in-line skater, innovator, inhalator, inspirator, instigator, integrator, lacrimator, liberator, liquidator, literator, lubricator, macerator, masticator, mediator, mitigator, moderator, modulator, motivator, mutilator, navigator, nomenclator, nominator, numerator, obturator, operator, orchestrator, oscillator, peculator, percolator, perforator, perpetrator, pia mater, pollinator, postulator, procreator, procurator, promulgator, propagator, punctuator, radiator, re-creator, remonstrator, renovator, resonator, respirator, revelator, roller skater, rubricator, rusticator, salivator, second-rater, selling-plater, separator, simulator, stimulator, subjugator, Sunset Crater, syncopator, syndicator, tabulator, terminator, vaccinator, vacillator, valuator, venerator, ventilator, vindicator, violator, vitiator
INSULATOR Defined for Kids


noun in·su·la·tor \ˈin-sə-ˌlā-tər\

Definition of INSULATOR for Kids

:  a material (as rubber or glass) that is a poor conductor of electricity, heat, or sound
Medical Dictionary


noun in·su·la·tor \ˈin(t)-sə-ˌlāt-ər\

Medical Definition of INSULATOR

:  a material that is used to provide insulation; also :  a device made of such material


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