noun \in-ˈsig-nē-ə\

: a badge or sign which shows that a person is a member of a particular group or has a particular rank

plural in·sig·nia or in·sig·ni·as

Full Definition of INSIGNIA

:  a badge of authority or honor
:  a distinguishing mark or sign

Variants of INSIGNIA

in·sig·nia also in·sig·ne \-(ˌ)nē\

Examples of INSIGNIA

  1. Their jackets have the school's insignia on the front.

Origin of INSIGNIA

Latin insignia, plural of insigne mark, badge, from neuter of insignis marked, distinguished, from in- + signum mark — more at sign
First Known Use: 1648

Other Heraldry Terms

blazon, cachet, couchant, dormant, escutcheon, potent, standard, totem


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