adjective \i-ˈni-mi-kəl\

: likely to cause damage or have a bad effect

: not friendly

Full Definition of INIMICAL

:  being adverse often by reason of hostility or malevolence <forces inimical to democracy>
a :  having the disposition of an enemy :  hostile <inimical factions>
b :  reflecting or indicating hostility :  unfriendly <his father's inimical glare>
in·im·i·cal·ly \-mi-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Examples of INIMICAL

  1. <received an inimical response rather than the anticipated support>
  2. <laws designed to enhance national security that some regard as inimical to cherished freedoms>

Origin of INIMICAL

Late Latin inimicalis, from Latin inimicus enemy — more at enemy
First Known Use: 1573


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