adjective \ˈin-fə-məs\

: well-known for being bad : known for evil acts or crimes

: causing people to think you are bad or evil

Full Definition of INFAMOUS

:  having a reputation of the worst kind :  notoriously evil <an infamous traitor>
:  causing or bringing infamy :  disgraceful <an infamous crime>
:  convicted of an offense bringing infamy
in·fa·mous·ly adverb

Examples of INFAMOUS

  1. a city infamous for poverty and crime
  2. He committed an infamous crime.
  3. The most infamous of South America's poisonous snakes are the ringed coral snake and the pit viper. —Candice Millard, The River of Doubt, 2005

Origin of INFAMOUS

Middle English, from Latin infamis, from in- + fama fame
First Known Use: 14th century


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