noun in·fa·my \-mē\

: the condition of being known for having done bad things or for being evil

: an evil or terrible act

plural in·fa·mies

Full Definition of INFAMY

:  evil reputation brought about by something grossly criminal, shocking, or brutal
a :  an extreme and publicly known criminal or evil act
b :  the state of being infamous

Examples of INFAMY

  1. He never escaped the infamy his crimes had earned him.
  2. <despite her eventual pardons, she could never completely free herself of the infamy of being named a war criminal>

First Known Use of INFAMY

15th century

Synonym Discussion of INFAMY

disgrace, dishonor, disrepute, infamy, ignominy mean the state or condition of suffering loss of esteem and of enduring reproach. disgrace often implies humiliation and sometimes ostracism <sent home in disgrace>. dishonor emphasizes the loss of honor that one has enjoyed or the loss of self-esteem <preferred death to life with dishonor>. disrepute stresses loss of one's good name or the acquiring of a bad reputation <a once proud name fallen into disrepute>. infamy usually implies notoriety as well as exceeding shame <a day that lives in infamy>. ignominy stresses humiliation <the ignominy of being arrested>.
INFAMIES Defined for Kids


noun in·fa·my \ˈin-fə-mē\
plural in·fa·mies

Definition of INFAMY for Kids

:  an evil reputation <He earned infamy for his crimes.>
:  an evil or terrible act <The people suffered the infamies of their ruler.>


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