noun \ˈin-di-ˌgō\

: a deep purplish-blue color

plural in·di·gos or in·di·goes

Full Definition of INDIGO

a :  a blue vat dye obtained from plants (as indigo plants)
b :  the principal coloring matter C16H10N2O2 of natural indigo usually synthesized as a blue powder with a coppery luster
:  a deep reddish blue

Origin of INDIGO

Italian dialect, from Latin indicum, from Greek indikon, from neuter of indikos Indic, from Indos India
First Known Use: 1555

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noun \ˈin-di-ˌgō\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural in·di·gos or in·di·goes

Medical Definition of INDIGO

a : a blue dye obtained from indigo plants (as Indigofera tinctoria of Africa and India, I. anil of South America, and I. auriculata of Arabia and Egypt) b : the principal coloring matter C16H10N2O2 of natural indigo usually synthesized as a blue powder with a coppery luster—called also indigotin


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Blue vat dye, obtained until about 1900 entirely from some species of the indigo plant. Extraction of the dye was important to the economy of colonial America and remained so in India until the early 20th century. Synthetic indigo has replaced the natural dye; it is reduced chemically to the soluble yellow compound leucoindigo, in which form it is applied to textile fibres and reoxidized to indigo (see oxidation-reduction).


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