adjective in·del·i·cate \-li-kət\

: not polite : having or showing bad manners or taste

Full Definition of INDELICATE

:  not delicate:
a (1) :  lacking in or offending against propriety :  improper
(2) :  verging on the indecent :  coarse
b :  marked by a lack of feeling for the sensibilities of others :  tactless
in·del·i·cate·ly adverb
in·del·i·cate·ness noun

Examples of INDELICATE

  1. Many consider it indelicate to talk about such things in mixed company.
  2. <the company considered his indelicate handling of such a personal matter to be unprofessional>

First Known Use of INDELICATE


Synonym Discussion of INDELICATE

indecorous, improper, unseemly, unbecoming, indelicate mean not conforming to what is accepted as right, fitting, or in good taste. indecorous suggests a violation of accepted standards of good manners <indecorous behavior>. improper applies to a broader range of transgressions of rules not only of social behavior but of ethical practice or logical procedure or prescribed method <improper use of campaign contributions>. unseemly adds a suggestion of special inappropriateness to a situation or an offensiveness to good taste <remarried with unseemly haste>. unbecoming suggests behavior or language that does not suit one's character or status <conduct unbecoming to an officer>. indelicate implies a lack of modesty or of tact or of refined perception of feeling <indelicate expressions for bodily functions>.


adjective in·del·i·cate \in-ˈde-li-kət\

Definition of INDELICATE for Kids

:  not polite or proper :  coarse <an indelicate subject>
in·del·i·cate·ly adverb


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