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adjective in·con·tro·vert·ible \(ˌ)in-ˌkän-trə-ˈvər-tə-bəl\

Simple Definition of incontrovertible

  • : not able to be doubted or questioned

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of incontrovertible

  1. :  not open to question :  indisputable <incontrovertible facts>


play \-blē\ adverb

Examples of incontrovertible in a sentence

  1. <incontrovertible facts that left the jury with no choice but to convict>

Did You Know?

If something is indisputable, it's incontrovertible. But if it is open to question, is it controvertible? It sure is. The antonyms controvertible and incontrovertible are both derivatives of the verb controvert (meaning "to dispute or oppose by reasoning"), which is itself a spin-off of controversy. And what is the source of all of these controversial terms? The Latin adjective controversus, which literally means "turned against."


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