noun \rē-ˈa-lə-tē\

: the true situation that exists : the real situation

: something that actually exists or happens : a real event, occurrence, situation, etc.

plural re·al·i·ties

Full Definition of REALITY

:  the quality or state of being real
a (1) :  a real event, entity, or state of affairs <his dream became a reality> (2) :  the totality of real things and events <trying to escape from reality>
b :  something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily
:  television programming that features videos of actual occurrences (as a police chase, stunt, or natural disaster) —often used attributively <reality TV>
in reality
:  in actual fact

Examples of REALITY

  1. the difference between fiction and reality
  2. The reality is that we can't afford to buy a house.
  3. He used television as an escape from reality.
  4. They made the plan a reality.

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