adverb im·por·tant·ly \-lē\

—used to say that something is important

: in an important way

: in the manner of people who think that they are important : in an arrogant or pompous manner

Full Definition of IMPORTANTLY

:  in an important way <contributed importantly to the language of the field — Ernst Mayr> <cleared his throat importantly and waited — E. K. Gann> <the real story is importantly different — Alexander Woollcott>
:  it is important that <more importantly he stands a chance of having his publication barred — H. L. Mencken>

Usage Discussion of IMPORTANTLY

A number of commentators have objected to importantly as a sentence modifier (sense 2) and have recommended important instead. Actually both the adverb and the adjective are in reputable standard use in this function. Important is always used with more or most <had bronze weapons and composite bows; more important, they utilized the horse and war chariot — Harry A. Gailey, Jr.> <second and most important, the book contains no important woman character — F. Scott Fitzgerald>. Importantly is somewhat more flexible in not requiring more or most <sticks and, just as importantly, unsticks easily — Phoebe Hawkins> <importantly, the leaven in the mixture is quality — George O'Brien>.


  1. Her research has contributed importantly to our understanding of the disease.
  2. He strutted to and fro importantly, ordering everybody around.

First Known Use of IMPORTANTLY



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