verb \im-ˈplant\

: to put (something) in a specified place; especially medical : to place (something) in a person's body by means of surgery

: to cause (something) to become a part of the way a person thinks or feels

Full Definition of IMPLANT

transitive verb
a :  to fix or set securely or deeply <a ruby implanted in the idol's forehead>
b :  to set permanently in the consciousness or habit patterns :  inculcate
:  to insert in living tissue (as for growth, slow release, or formation of an organic union) <subcutaneously implanted hormone pellets>
intransitive verb
:  to undergo implantation <the failure of embryos to implant>
im·plant·able \-ˈplan-tə-bəl\ adjective
im·plant·er \im-ˈplan-tər\ noun

Examples of IMPLANT

  1. a hearing aid that is surgically implanted in the ear
  2. <a music teacher who strove to implant within his students a love of the classics>

First Known Use of IMPLANT

15th century

Synonym Discussion of IMPLANT

implant, inculcate, instill, inseminate, infix mean to introduce into the mind. implant implies teaching that makes for permanence of what is taught <implanted a love of reading in her students>. inculcate implies persistent or repeated efforts to impress on the mind <tried to inculcate in him high moral standards>. instill stresses gradual, gentle imparting of knowledge over a long period of time <instill traditional values in your children>. inseminate applies to a sowing of ideas in many minds so that they spread through a class or nation <inseminated an unquestioning faith in technology>. infix stresses firmly inculcating a habit of thought <infixed a chronic cynicism>.


noun \ˈim-ˌplant\

medical : something placed in a person's body by means of surgery

Full Definition of IMPLANT

:  something (as a graft or device) implanted in tissue — compare cochlear implant

First Known Use of IMPLANT



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