verb \im-ˈpāl\

: to cause a pointed object to go into or through (someone or something)


Full Definition of IMPALE

transitive verb
:  to join (coats of arms) on a heraldic shield divided vertically by a pale
a :  to pierce with or as if with something pointed; especially :  to torture or kill by fixing on a sharp stake
b :  to fix in an inescapable or helpless position
im·pale·ment \-mənt\ noun
im·pal·er \-ˈpā-lər\ noun

Examples of IMPALE

  1. <impale a marshmallow or two on that stick and let's start toasting>

Origin of IMPALE

Middle French & Medieval Latin; Middle French empaler, from Medieval Latin impalare, from Latin in- + palus stake — more at pole
First Known Use: 1605


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