adjective \(ˌ)i(m)-ˈmr-əl, -ˈmär-\

: not morally good or right : morally evil or wrong

Full Definition of IMMORAL

:  not moral; broadly :  conflicting with generally or traditionally held moral principles
im·mor·al·ly \-ə-lē\ adverb

Examples of IMMORAL

  1. Don't condemn her: there was nothing immoral about what she did.
  2. It was immoral of her to tell lies like that.

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Related to IMMORAL

black, dark, evil, bad, iniquitous, nefarious, rotten, sinful, unethical, unlawful, unrighteous, unsavory, vicious, vile, villainous, wicked, wrong
decent, ethical, good, honest, honorable, just, moral, right, righteous, sublime, upright, virtuous


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