adjective \(ˌ)i(m)-ˈmä-dəst\

: having or showing a high or too high opinion of yourself or your worth

of clothing : showing a lot of your body in a way that is considered improper

Full Definition of IMMODEST

:  not modest; specifically :  not conforming to the sexual mores of a particular time or place
im·mod·est·ly adverb
im·mod·es·ty \-də-stē\ noun

Examples of IMMODEST

  1. Although it might sound immodest of me to say so, I am very proud of what we have accomplished.
  2. <an immodest proposal for altering the town's traditional character by an uppity newcomer at his first town meeting>

Origin of IMMODEST

Latin immodestus, from in- + modestus modest
First Known Use: 1550


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