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idler wheel


Definition of idler wheel

  1. 1 :  a wheel, gear, or roller used to transfer motion or to guide or support something

  2. 2 :  idler pulley

Illustration of idler wheel


First Known Use of idler wheel


Rhymes with idler wheel

acetyl, airmobile, Ardabil, bearded seal, bidonville, blastocoel, bloodmobile, Bogomil, bookmobile, buffing wheel, campanile, carbon steel, chamomile, cochineal, cockatiel, color wheel, commonweal, curb appeal, cut a deal, daisy wheel, difficile, dishabille, glockenspiel, goldenseal, Guayaquil, harbor seal, leopard seal, manchineel, megadeal, mercantile, orange peel, package deal, paddle wheel, pedal steel, pimpmobile, planet wheel, potter's wheel, reel-to-reel, sex appeal, skimobile, snob appeal, snowmobile, spinning reel, stainless steel, tracing wheel, under heel, waterwheel

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