Hyder Ali

Hy·der Ali

biographical name \ˈhī-dər-ä-ˈlē\

Definition of HYDER ALI

1722–1782 Indian ruler & soldier

Variants of HYDER ALI

Hy·der Ali or Hai·dar Ali \ˈhī-dər-ä-ˈlē\

Hyder Ali

biographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

(born 1722, Budikote, Mysore, India—died Dec. 7, 1782, Chittoor) Muslim ruler of Mysore, in southern India. He organized the first Indian-controlled corps of Indian soldiers armed with Western weapons, obtained a command in the Mysore army, and eventually overthrew Mysore's raja. He conquered neighbouring areas and joined a confederacy with the Nizam 'Ali Khan and the Marathas against the British. He fought the British for more than a decade, but at the end of his life, recognizing that he could not defeat them, he urged his son to make peace.


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