noun \ˈhī-ə-(ˌ)sin(t)th, -sən(t)th\

: a type of plant that is grown in gardens and has flowers that smell sweet

Full Definition of HYACINTH

a :  a precious stone of the ancients sometimes held to be the sapphire
b :  a gem zircon or essonite
a :  a plant of the ancients held to be a lily, iris, larkspur, or gladiolus
b :  a bulbous perennial herb (Hyacinthus orientalis) of the lily family that is native to the Mediterranean region but is widely grown for its dense spikes of fragrant flowers — compare grape hyacinth, water hyacinth
:  a light violet to moderate purple
hy·a·cin·thine \ˌhī-ə-ˈsin(t)-thən\ adjective

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Origin of HYACINTH

Latin hyacinthus, a precious stone, a flowering plant, from Greek hyakinthos
First Known Use: 1553


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of the approximately 30 species of bulbous, ornamental herbaceous plants that make up the genus Hyacinthus (family Hyacinthaceae), native primarily to the Mediterranean region and tropical Africa. The common garden hyacinths are derived from H. orientalis. Most species have narrow, untoothed leaves at the base of the plant and fragrant flowers (usually blue, but sometimes pink, white, or other colours in cultivated varieties) borne in a cluster at the top of the leafless stems. See also grape hyacinth.


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