noun \ˈhəz-bənd\

: a married man : the man someone is married to

Full Definition of HUSBAND

:  a male partner in a marriage
British :  manager, steward
:  a frugal manager
hus·band·ly adjective

Examples of HUSBAND

  1. Have you met her husband?
  2. <she and her husband just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary>

Origin of HUSBAND

Middle English husbonde, from Old English hūsbonda master of a house, from Old Norse hūsbōndi, from hūs house + bōndi householder; akin to Old Norse būa to inhabit; akin to Old English būan to dwell — more at bower
First Known Use: 13th century



: to carefully use or manage (something, such as a resource)

Full Definition of HUSBAND

transitive verb
a :  to manage prudently and economically
b :  to use sparingly :  conserve
archaic :  to find a husband for :  mate
hus·band·er noun

Examples of HUSBAND

  1. The country has husbanded its resources well.
  2. <husband our natural resources so that our children and grandchildren may benefit from them>

First Known Use of HUSBAND

15th century


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