adjective \ˈhəŋ-grē\

: suffering because of a lack of food : greatly affected by hunger

: having an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach because you need food : feeling hunger

: feeling a strong desire or need for something or to do something


Full Definition of HUNGRY

a :  feeling hunger
b :  characterized by or characteristic of hunger or appetite
a :  eager, avid <hungry for affection>
b :  strongly motivated (as by ambition)
:  not rich or fertile :  barren
hun·gri·ly \-grə-lē\ adverb
hun·gri·ness \-grē-nəs\ noun

Examples of HUNGRY

  1. There are millions of hungry people throughout the world.
  2. That girl is always hungry.
  3. The prisoners' families were hungry for more information.
  4. They were hungry to learn more.

Origin of HUNGRY

Middle English, from Old English hungrig; akin to Old English hungor
First Known Use: before 12th century


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