verb hov·er \ˈhə-vər, ˈhä-\

: to float in the air without moving in any direction

: to stay very close to a person or place

: to stay near a specified point or level

hov·eredhov·er·ing \-v(ə-)riŋ\

Full Definition of HOVER

intransitive verb
a :  to hang fluttering in the air or on the wing
b :  to remain suspended over a place or object
a :  to move to and fro near a place :  fluctuate around a given point <unemployment hovered around 10 percent>
b :  to be in a state of uncertainty, irresolution, or suspense
hover noun
hov·er·er \-vər-ər\ noun

Examples of HOVER

  1. Watch as the hummingbird hovers over the flowers.
  2. Bees hovered around the hive.
  3. Waiters hovered near our table.
  4. nervous mothers hovering over their children
  5. Unemployment rates were hovering around 10 percent.
  6. Temperatures will continue to hover around freezing.
  7. The patient was hovering between life and death.
  8. The country hovers on the brink of famine.

Origin of HOVER

Middle English hoveren, frequentative of hoven to hover
First Known Use: 15th century

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verb hov·er \ˈhə-vər, ˈhä-\

Definition of HOVER for Kids

:  to fly or float in the air without moving far in any direction <Bees hovered around the hive.>
:  to stay near a place <And Lockhart was hovering around all of them, making suggestions. — J. K. Rowling, Chamber of Secrets>


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