noun \ˈhas-ˌwīf; especially 2 & in early poetry ˈhə-zəf or -səf\

: a married woman who stays at home, does cleaning, cooking, etc., and does not have another job outside the home

plural house·wives \ˈhas-ˌwīvz also ˈhaz-ˌwīvz; ˈhə-zəfs, -zəvz, -səfs, -səvz\

Full Definition of HOUSEWIFE

:  a married woman in charge of a household
:  a pocket-size container for small articles (as thread)
house·wife·li·ness \-lē-nəs\ noun
house·wife·ly \-lē\ adjective
house·wif·ery \-ˌwī-f(ə-)rē; British -(ˌ)wi-f(ə-)rē also ˈhə-zə-frē\ noun
house·wif·ey \ˈhas-ˌwī-fē\ adjective

First Known Use of HOUSEWIFE

13th century


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