noun \ˈhōz\

: a long, usually rubber tube that liquids or gases can flow through

hose : clothes (such as stockings, socks, and pantyhose) that are worn on the legs and feet

plural hose or hos·es

Full Definition of HOSE

plural hose
a (1) :  a cloth leg covering that sometimes covers the foot
(2) :  stocking, sock
b (1) :  a close-fitting garment covering the legs and waist that is usually attached to a doublet by points
(2) :  short breeches reaching to the knee
:  a flexible tube for conveying fluids (as from a faucet or hydrant)

Examples of HOSE

  1. There are several hoses stored in the shed.
  2. We need another 50 feet of hose.

Origin of HOSE

Middle English, from Old English hosa stocking, husk; akin to Old High German hosa leg covering
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with HOSE



: to spray or wash (something) with water from a hose

: to cheat or trick (someone)


Full Definition of HOSE

transitive verb
a :  to spray, water, or wash with a hose —often used with down <hose down a stable floor>
b slang :  to fire automatic weapons at —usually used with down
slang :  to deprive of something due or expected :  trick, cheat

Examples of HOSE

  1. <when the guy failed to return with our money, we sooned realized that we had been hosed>

First Known Use of HOSE



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