noun \ˈhr-əs\

Definition of HORUS

:  the falcon-headed Egyptian god of light and the son of Osiris and Isis

Origin of HORUS

Late Latin, from Greek Hōros, from Egyptian Ḥr
First Known Use: 1832


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Ancient Egyptian god with the head of a falcon, whose eyes were the sun and moon. The kings of Egypt were called living incarnations of Horus. During the 1st dynasty Horus was known principally as an opponent of Seth, but after about 2350 BCE he became associated with the Osiris cult and was identified as the son of Osiris. He destroyed Seth, the killer of Osiris, and became ruler of all Egypt. His left eye (the moon) was damaged by Seth but was healed by Thoth. In the Ptolemaic period, the victory of Horus over Seth became a symbol of Egypt triumphing over its occupiers.


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