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noun ho·ri·zon \hə-ˈrī-zən\

the horizon : the line where the earth or sea seems to meet the sky

: the limit or range of a person's knowledge, understanding, or experience

: the limit of what is possible in a particular field or activity

Full Definition of HORIZON

a :  the apparent junction of earth and sky
b :  the great circle on the celestial sphere formed by the intersection of the celestial sphere with a plane tangent to the earth's surface at an observer's position — see azimuth illustration
c :  range of perception or experience
d :  something that might be attained <new horizons>
a :  the geological deposit of a particular time usually identified by distinctive fossils
b :  any of the reasonably distinct layers of soil or its underlying material in a vertical section of land
c :  a cultural area or level of development indicated by separated groups of artifacts
ho·ri·zon·al \-ˈrī-zən-əl\ adjective

Examples of HORIZON

  1. We sailed toward the horizon.
  2. The sun rose slowly over the eastern horizon.
  3. These discoveries have opened up new horizons in the field of cancer research.

Origin of HORIZON

Middle English orizon, from Late Latin horizont-, horizon, from Greek horizont-, horizōn, from present participle of horizein to bound, define, from horos boundary; perhaps akin to Latin urvum curved part of a plow
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Archaeology Terms

Attic, Byzantine, Paleolithic, cairn, core, flint, neolithic, shard, stratum

Rhymes with HORIZON

HORIZON BLUE Defined for Kids


noun ho·ri·zon \hə-ˈrī-zən\

Definition of HORIZON for Kids

:  the line where the earth or sea seems to meet the sky
:  the limit of a person's outlook or experience <Reading broadens our horizons.>


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