noun \ˈhä-pər\

: someone or something that hops

: a container that is used for pouring material (such as grain or coal) into a machine or opening

the hopper : a box that bills are put into before they are considered by a legislature

Full Definition of HOPPER

a :  one that hops
b :  a leaping insect; specifically :  an immature hopping form of an insect (as a grasshopper or locust)
[from the shaking motion of hoppers used to feed grain into a mill]
a :  a usually funnel-shaped receptacle for delivering material (as grain or coal); also :  any of various other receptacles for the temporary storage of material
b :  a freight car with a floor sloping to one or more hinged doors for discharging bulk materials —called also hopper car
c :  a box in which a bill to be considered by a legislative body is dropped
d :  a tank holding liquid and having a device for releasing its contents through a pipe
e :  a mix of things to be considered or done

Examples of HOPPER

  1. The company has several new product ideas in the hopper.

First Known Use of HOPPER

13th century


biographical name \ˈhä-pər\

Definition of HOPPER

Edward 1882–1967 Am. artist


biographical name

Definition of HOPPER

Grace 1906–1992 née Grace Brewster Murray Am. admiral, math., & computer scientist


biographical name

Definition of HOPPER

(William) DeWolf 1858–1935 Am. actor


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