adjective \ˈhōp-fəl\

: full of hope : feeling or showing hope

: giving someone feelings of hope

Full Definition of HOPEFUL

:  having qualities which inspire hope <hopeful signs of economic recovery>
:  full of hope :  inclined to hope
hope·ful·ness noun

Examples of HOPEFUL

  1. The mood is sad rather than hopeful.
  2. He was hopeful that things would get better soon.
  3. I still feel hopeful about the future.
  4. She is hopeful of winning the race.
  5. a hopeful tone of voice
  6. There are hopeful signs that the crisis may end soon.
  7. The movie has a hopeful ending.
  8. Investigators report that there have been some hopeful developments in the case.

First Known Use of HOPEFUL




: a person who hopes to do something

Full Definition of HOPEFUL

:  aspirant <Olympic hopefuls>

Examples of HOPEFUL

  1. <the three mayoral hopefuls are going to debate on local TV>

First Known Use of HOPEFUL



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