verb \ˈhüt\

of an owl : to make a hoot

of a horn : to make a loud sound

: to cause (a horn) to hoot

Full Definition of HOOT

intransitive verb
:  to shout or laugh usually derisively
:  to make the natural throat noise of an owl or a similar cry
:  to make a loud clamorous mechanical sound
transitive verb
:  to assail or drive out by hooting <hooted down the speaker>
:  to express or utter with hoots <hooted their disapproval>

Examples of HOOT

  1. We could hear an owl hooting in the woods.
  2. I hooted at the car in front of me.
  3. The crowd booed and hooted when it was announced that the show was canceled.
  4. The crowd hooted its disapproval.
  5. The speaker was hooted off the platform by a small group of protesters.

Origin of HOOT

Middle English houten, of imitative origin
First Known Use: 13th century



: the loud, deep sound made by an owl; also : a similar loud, deep sound

: a loud laugh or call made by a person

: an amusing person or thing

Full Definition of HOOT

:  a sound of hooting; especially :  the cry of an owl
:  a minimum amount or degree :  the least bit <don't give a hoot>
:  something or someone amusing <the play is a real hoot>
hooty \ˈhü-tē\ adjective

Examples of HOOT

  1. The announcement was met with hoots of derision.
  2. <the courtroom erupted in hoots of laughter upon hearing the witness's sarcastic retort>

First Known Use of HOOT

15th century


interjection \ˈhüt\

Definition of HOOT

chiefly Scottish
—used to express impatience, dissatisfaction, or objection

Variants of HOOT

hoot or hoots \ˈhüts\

Origin of HOOT

origin unknown
First Known Use: 1540


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