adjective \ˈä-nə-ˌrer-ē\

: given as a sign of honor or achievement

: regarded as one of a group although not officially elected or included

: holding a position for which no payment is given : not paid

Full Definition of HONORARY

a :  having or conferring distinction
b :  commemorative
:  dependent on honor for fulfillment
a :  conferred or elected in recognition of achievement or service without the usual prerequisites or obligations <an honorary degree> <an honorary member>
b :  unpaid, voluntary <an honorary chairman>
hon·or·ari·ly \ˌä-nə-ˈrer-ə-lē\ adverb
honorary noun

Examples of HONORARY

  1. He was awarded an honorary degree.
  2. He's an honorary member of the club.
  3. He is the honorary president of the commission.

Origin of HONORARY

Latin honorarius, from honor
First Known Use: 1568


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