noun \hō-ˈmä-gə-mē\

Definition of HOMOGAMY

:  the mating of like with like
ho·mog·a·mous \-məs\ adjective

Origin of HOMOGAMY

German Homogamie, from hom- + -gamie -gamy
First Known Use: 1897

Rhymes with HOMOGAMY


noun \hō-ˈmäg-ə-mē\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural ho·mog·a·mies

Medical Definition of HOMOGAMY

: reproduction within an isolated group perpetuating qualities by which it is differentiated from the larger group of which it is a part; broadly : the mating of like with like
ho·mog·a·mous \-məs\ or ho·mo·gam·ic \ˌhō-mə-ˈgam-ik, ˌhäm-ə-\ adjective


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