noun \ˈhi-k(ə-)rē\

: a type of tree that has very hard wood and that produces nuts which can be eaten

: the wood of a hickory tree

plural hick·o·ries

Full Definition of HICKORY

a :  any of a genus (Carya) of North American hardwood trees of the walnut family that often have sweet edible nuts
b :  the usually tough wood of a hickory
:  a switch or cane (as of hickory wood) used especially for punishing a child
hickory adjective

Origin of HICKORY

short for obsolete pokahickory, from Virginia Algonquian pawcohiccora food prepared from pounded nuts
First Known Use: 1670


geographical name \ˈhi-kə-rē\

Definition of HICKORY

city W cen North Carolina pop 40,010


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of about 18 species of deciduous timber and nut-producing trees that make up the genus Carya, in the walnut family. About 15 species are native to eastern North America and 3 to eastern Asia. The fruit is an egg-shaped nut enclosed in a fleshy husk. Some species—principally shagbark hickory (C. ovata), shellbark hickory (C. laciniosa), mockernut hickory (C. tomentosa), and pecan—produce large, sweet-tasting, edible nuts. The pecan, the most valuable species economically, is cultivated for its flavourful nuts and its light-coloured wood. The wood of other hickories is used as fuel and for tool handles, sports equipment, furniture, and flooring.


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