noun \ˈhər-nē-ə\

medical : a painful condition in which an organ (such as the intestine) pushes through the muscles that are around it

plural her·ni·as or her·ni·ae\-nē-ˌē, -nē-ˌī\

Full Definition of HERNIA

:  a protrusion of an organ or part (as the intestine) through connective tissue or through a wall of the cavity (as of the abdomen) in which it is normally enclosed —called also rupture
her·ni·al \-nē-əl\ adjective

Examples of HERNIA

  1. He was treated for hernia.

Origin of HERNIA

Latin — more at yarn
First Known Use: 14th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Protrusion of any organ or tissue from its normal cavity. The term usually refers to an abdominal hernia, which may be a congenital disorder or acquired after birth. Tissue may protrude through the abdominal muscle at the groin (inguinal), upper thigh (femoral), or navel (umbilical); its circulation can become cut off, leading to inflammation, infection, and gangrene. If the tissue cannot be pushed back into place and kept there by a truss, surgery may be necessary. Other common hernias are hiatal hernia (protrusion of part or all of the stomach above the diaphragm) and herniated disk (protrusion of tissue from a disk in the vertebral column through its outer layer).


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