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noun height·ism \ˈhīt-ˌi-zəm, ÷ˈhīt-ˌthi-\

Definition of heightism

  1. :  unfair treatment based on height; especially :  prejudice or discrimination against short people <In college, I learned that Fortune 500 CEOs and US presidents are on average 3 inches taller than the average American man, and that every inch of height amounts to a salary increase of almost $800 a year. By the time I landed my first real job it hit me: heightism, a form of discrimination based on height, is as prominent in Western culture as the high-heeled shoe. — Sasha Ginnetti, Hyphen, Summer 2007>


\ˈhīt-ist, ÷ˈhīt-thist\ play adjective <heightist notions> <He wears the suit with careless grace, being not only lean and athletically built but also—at five feet eleven—tall enough. (Call me heightist, but I've always believed that a hero should come up higher than your armpit. — Vicki Woods, Vogue, March 1997>


noun plural


<A woman I know named Shani … is happily married to a man who's 5-foot-3, 2 inches shorter than she. A couple of Shani's female friends are avowed “heightists” with regard to men. — Kerry Keene, The Boston Globe, 25 May 2008>

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Origin and Etymology of heightism

1height + -ism (after racism)

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