verb \ˈhär-dən\

: to become hard or firm or to make (something) hard or firm

: to become more definite and strongly felt or to make (something) more definite and strongly felt

: to make (someone) hard : to make (someone) less emotional and less likely to feel sorry for other people

hard·enedhard·en·ing \ˈhärd-niŋ, ˈhär-dən-iŋ\

Full Definition of HARDEN

transitive verb
:  to make hard or harder
:  to confirm in disposition, feelings, or action; especially :  to make callous <hardened his heart>
a :  inure, toughen <harden troops>
b :  to inure to unfavorable environmental conditions (as cold) —often used with off <harden off seedlings before transplanting>
:  to protect from blast, heat, or radiation (as by a thick barrier or placement underground)
intransitive verb
:  to become hard or harder
a :  to become firm, stable, or settled
b :  to assume an appearance of harshness or severity <her face hardened at the thought>
:  to become gradually acclimatized to unfavorable conditions —often used with off <plants hardened off before the first frost>

Examples of HARDEN

  1. The presence of certain substances in the blood can cause the arteries to harden.
  2. These additives are designed to harden the steel.
  3. substances that can harden the arteries
  4. Opposition to the goverment has hardened as news of further scandals has leaked out.
  5. The news has hardened opposition to the government.
  6. He had been hardened by his years of military service.

First Known Use of HARDEN

13th century

Rhymes with HARDEN


biographical name \ˈhär-dən\

Definition of HARDEN

Sir Arthur 1865–1940 Eng. chem.


biographical name

Definition of HARDEN

Maximilian 1861–1927 originally Felix Ernst Witkowski Ger. writer


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