verb \ˈham-pər\

: to slow the movement, progress, or action of (someone or something)

ham·peredham·per·ing \-p(ə-)riŋ\

Full Definition of HAMPER

transitive verb
a :  to restrict the movement of by bonds or obstacles :  impede
b :  to interfere with the operation of :  disrupt
a :  curb, restrain
b :  to interfere with :  encumber

Examples of HAMPER

  1. The project was hampered by budget restraints.
  2. Construction is hampering traffic on the highway.

Origin of HAMPER

Middle English
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of HAMPER

hamper, trammel, clog, fetter, shackle, manacle mean to hinder or impede in moving, progressing, or acting. hamper may imply the effect of any impeding or restraining influence <hampered the investigation by refusing to cooperate>. trammel suggests entangling by or confining within a net <rules that trammel the artist's creativity>. clog usually implies a slowing by something extraneous or encumbering <a court system clogged by frivolous suits>. fetter suggests a restraining so severe that freedom to move or progress is almost lost <a nation fettered by an antiquated class system>. shackle and manacle are stronger than fetter and suggest total loss of freedom <a mind shackled by stubborn prejudice> <a people manacled by tyranny>.



: a basket for food

: a basket for holding dirty clothes until they can be washed

Full Definition of HAMPER

:  a large basket usually with a cover for packing, storing, or transporting articles (as food or laundry)

Origin of HAMPER

Middle English hamper, hanaper, literally, case to hold goblets, from Anglo-French hanaper, from hanap goblet, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English hnæpp bowl
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Household Terms

cruet, curiosity, duvet, fiasco, sham, taper, valance, whatnot


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