adjective \ˈhl-ˌstat; ˈhäl-ˌshtät, -ˌstät\

Definition of HALLSTATT

:  of or relating to the earlier period of the Iron Age in Europe

Variants of HALLSTATT

Hall·statt also Hall·stadt \ˈhl-ˌstat; ˈhäl-ˌshtät, -ˌstät\


Hallstatt, Austria
First Known Use: 1899


geographical name \ˈhl-ˌstat, ˈhäl-ˌshtät\

Definition of HALLSTATT

village W cen Austria on shore of Hall·stät·ter Lake \ˈhl-ˌste-tər, ˈhäl-ˌshte-\


   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Bronze bucket found at early Iron Age cemetery at Hallstatt, Austria, about 6th century BC.—Courtesy of the trustees of the British Museum

Site in upper Austria where objects characteristic of the Early Iron Age (from c. 1100 BC) were first identified. More than 2,000 graves were near a salt mine that preserved implements, parts of clothing, and bodies of miners. The remains are divided into four phases (A, B, C, D), differing according to burial practices, presence of low grave mound or tumulus, relative quantity of bronze and iron, and style of pottery, weapons, jewelry, and clothing. Decoration in general is geometric and symmetrical, with a tendency toward the extravagant.


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