noun \ˈha-lə-bət also ˈhä-\

: a large fish of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans that is often eaten as food

plural halibut also halibuts

Full Definition of HALIBUT

:  any of several marine flatfishes (especially Hippoglossus hippoglossus of the Atlantic and H. stenolepis of the Pacific) that are widely used for food and include some of the largest bony fishes

Origin of HALIBUT

Middle English halybutte, from haly, holy holy + butte flatfish, from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German but; from its being eaten on holy days
First Known Use: 14th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of various flatfishes, especially the Atlantic and Pacific halibuts (genus Hippoglossus, family Pleuronectidae), both of which have eyes and colour on the right side. The Atlantic halibut, found on both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean, is the largest flatfish; it may reach a length of about 7 ft (2 m) and a weight of 720 lb (325 kg). It is brown, blackish, or deep green on the eyed side. The smaller and slimmer Pacific halibut is found on both sides of the North Pacific Ocean. Other edible halibut include the Greenland halibut, of Arctic and near-Arctic parts of the Atlantic, and the California halibut (family Bothidae), found along the California coast.


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