noun \ˌ(h)ä-sē-ˈen-də\

: a large estate in a country where people speak Spanish

Full Definition of HACIENDA

:  a large estate especially in a Spanish-speaking country :  plantation
:  the main dwelling of a hacienda

Examples of HACIENDA

  1. <the sugar baron spared no expense in building a grand hacienda on his plantation near Cuernavaca>

Origin of HACIENDA

Spanish, from Old Spanish facienda, from Latin, literally, things to be done, neuter plural of faciendus, gerundive of facere to do — more at do
First Known Use: circa 1772


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In Latin America, a large landed estate. The hacienda originated in the colonial period and survived into the 20th century. Labourers, ordinarily Indians, were theoretically free wage earners on haciendas, but in practice their employers, who controlled the local governments, were able to bind them to the land, primarily by keeping them in a state of perpetual indebtedness. By the 19th century, as much as half of Mexico's rural population was entangled in the peonage system. Many haciendas were broken up by the Mexican Revolution.

Variants of HACIENDA

hacienda also called estancia (Argentina and Uruguay) or fazenda (Brazil)


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