noun \hə-ˈbi-chə-ˌwā, ha-, -ˌbi-chə-ˈ\

: a person who is often at a specified place

Full Definition of HABITUÉ

:  a person who may be regularly found in or at a particular place or kind of place <café habitués>
:  devotee <an Internet habitué>

Variants of HABITUÉ

ha·bi·tué also ha·bi·tue \hə-ˈbi-chə-ˌwā, ha-, -ˌbi-chə-ˈ\

Examples of HABITUÉ

  1. <confirmed habitués of the theater, they support serious dramas as well as comedies and musicals>
  2. <a confirmed habitué of the country club, she keeps tabs on who's having an affair>

Origin of HABITUÉ

French, from past participle of habituer to frequent, from Late Latin habituare to habituate, from Latin habitus
First Known Use: 1818


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