noun \sense 1 jim-ˈnā-zē-əm, -zhəm; sense 2 usually gim-ˈnä-zē-əm\

: a room or building that has equipment for sports activities or exercise

plural gym·na·si·ums or -na·sia \-ˈnā-zē-ə, -ˈnā-zhə; -ˈnä-zē-ə\

Full Definition of GYMNASIUM

a :  a large room used for various indoor sports (as basketball or boxing) and usually equipped with gymnastic apparatus
b :  a building (as on a college campus) containing space and equipment for various indoor sports activities and usually including spectator accommodations, locker and shower rooms, offices, classrooms, and a swimming pool
[German, from Latin, school] :  a European secondary school that prepares students for the university

Examples of GYMNASIUM

  1. <since it was raining, the kids had recess in the gymnasium>


Latin, exercise ground, school, from Greek gymnasion, from gymnazein to exercise naked, from gymnos naked — more at naked
First Known Use: 1598

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In Germany, a state-maintained secondary school that prepares pupils for higher academic education. This type of nine-year school originated in Strasbourg in 1537. Though the usual graduation age is 19 or 20, pupils may terminate their studies at age 16 and enter a vocational school. Secondary or postprimary education is also provided by middle schools (Mittelschulen), teachers' colleges, and commercial schools.


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