guinea pig

guinea pig


: a small animal that is often kept as a pet

: a person or thing used for testing something

Full Definition of GUINEA PIG

:  a small stout-bodied short-eared tailless domesticated rodent (Cavia porcellus) of South American origin often kept as a pet and widely used in biological research —called also cavy
:  a subject of research, experimentation, or testing

Examples of GUINEA PIG

  1. He volunteered to act as a guinea pig in the experiment.

First Known Use of GUINEA PIG


guin·ea pig

noun \ˈgin-ē-ˌ\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of GUINEA PIG

: a small stout-bodied short-eared nearly tailless domesticated rodent of the genus Cavia (C. cobaya) often kept as a pet and widely used in biological research—called also cavy

guinea pig

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Domesticated species (Cavia porcellus) of South American cavy (family Caviidae). It resembles most other cavies in being stout, short-legged, and about 10 in. (25 cm) long. It has small ears, no external tail, and a coat that is black, tan, cream-coloured, brown, white, or a combination of these colours. Hair length and texture vary among varieties. It feeds largely on grass and other green plants. Domesticated in pre-Incan times, it was introduced into Europe in the early 16th century. It is a popular pet and a valuable research animal.


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