noun \gwə-ˈnä-(ˌ)kō\
plural gua·na·cos also gua·na·co

Definition of GUANACO

:  a South American mammal (Lama guanicoe) of dry open country that has a soft thick fawn-colored coat and is related to the camel but lacks a dorsal hump — compare alpaca, llama

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Origin of GUANACO

Spanish, from Quechua wanaku
First Known Use: 1604


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Slender-bodied South American lamoid (Lama guanacoe; see alpaca). The guanaco has long legs and neck, a short tail, and large, pointed ears. It lives in small bands of females, usually led by a male, and grazes on grass and other plants, ranging from the snow line to sea level throughout the Andes Mountains from Peru and Bolivia to Tierra del Fuego. The adult stands 43 in. (110 cm) tall at the shoulder and is pale brown above and white below, with a grayish head. The downy fibre covering the young is valued for textiles, and guanaco pelts are used by the fur industry.


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