verb \ˈgrənt\

: to make a short, low sound : to make a grunt

: to say (something) with a grunt

Full Definition of GRUNT

intransitive verb
:  to utter a grunt
transitive verb
:  to utter with a grunt
grunt·er noun

Examples of GRUNT

  1. The workers were grunting with effort as they lifted the heavy furniture.
  2. She grunted a few words in reply, then turned and walked away.

Origin of GRUNT

Middle English, from Old English grunnettan, frequentative of grunian, of imitative origin
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with GRUNT



: a short, low sound from the throat

: a U.S. soldier especially in the Vietnam War

: a person who does ordinary and boring work

Full Definition of GRUNT

a :  the deep short sound characteristic of a hog
b :  a similar sound
[from the noise it makes when taken from the water] :  any of a family (Haemulidae syn. Pomadasyidae) of chiefly tropical marine bony fishes
:  a dessert made by dropping biscuit dough on top of boiling berries and steaming <blueberry grunt>
a :  a United States army or marine foot soldier especially in the Vietnam War
b :  one who does routine unglamorous work —often used attributively <grunt work>

Examples of GRUNT

  1. the grunt of a pig
  2. I could hear the grunts of the movers as they lifted the heavy furniture.
  3. He answered her with a grunt.
  4. He was a grunt who worked his way up to become an officer.
  5. He's just a grunt in the attorney's office.

Illustration of GRUNT

First Known Use of GRUNT



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