verb \ˈgra(-ə)l\

of an animal : to make a deep threatening sound

: to make a low sound like the sound of a growling animal

: to say (something) in an angry way

Full Definition of GROWL

intransitive verb
a :  rumble <his stomach growled>
b :  to utter a growl <the dog growled at the stranger>
:  to complain angrily
transitive verb
:  to utter with a growl :  utter angrily

Examples of GROWL

  1. I could hear a dog growling behind me.
  2. My stomach's been growling all morning.
  3. What do you want? he growled.
  4. He's always growling about the government.

Origin of GROWL

Middle English groulen, grollen
First Known Use: 14th century



: a deep sound made by an animal; also : a similar sound

Full Definition of GROWL

:  a deep guttural inarticulate sound

Examples of GROWL

  1. The dog gave a menacing growl.
  2. He answered my question with a growl.
  3. We could hear a growl of thunder in the distance.

First Known Use of GROWL


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