verb \ˈgrīnd\

: to crush or break (something) into very small pieces by rubbing it against a rough surface or using a special machine

: to cut (meat) into small pieces by putting it through a special machine

: to make (something) sharp or smooth by rubbing it against a hard surface

ground \ˈgrand\ grind·ing

Full Definition of GRIND

transitive verb
:  to reduce to powder or small fragments by friction (as in a mill or with the teeth)
:  to wear down, polish, or sharpen by friction <grind an ax>
a :  oppress, harass
b :  to weaken or destroy gradually —usually used with down <poverty ground her spirit down>
a :  to press together with a rotating motion <grind the teeth>
b :  to rub or press harshly <ground the cigarette out>
:  to operate or produce by turning a crank <grind a hand organ>
intransitive verb
:  to perform the operation of grinding
:  to become pulverized, polished, or sharpened by friction
:  to move with difficulty or friction especially so as to make a grating noise <gears grinding>
:  drudge; especially :  to study hard <grind for an exam>
:  to rotate the hips in an erotic manner
grind·ing·ly \ˈgrīn-diŋ-lē\ adverb

Examples of GRIND

  1. The corn is ground into meal.
  2. The steel grinds to a sharp edge.
  3. She kept grinding the car's gears.
  4. He grinds his teeth in his sleep.
  5. I could hear the gears grinding.

Origin of GRIND

Middle English, from Old English grindan; akin to Latin frendere to crush, grind
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with GRIND



: boring or difficult work

: a person who works or studies too much

—used to describe the size of the pieces of something that has been ground

Full Definition of GRIND

a :  an act of grinding
b :  the sound of grinding
a :  dreary, monotonous, or difficult labor, study, or routine
b :  one who works or studies excessively
:  the result of grinding; also :  material ground to a particular degree of fineness <a drip grind of coffee>
:  the act of rotating the hips in an erotic manner

Examples of GRIND

  1. I need a break from the daily grind.
  2. the dull grind of office work

First Known Use of GRIND

13th century

Related to GRIND

creak, rasp, jar, scrape, scratch
fun, play
See Synonym Discussion at work

Other Dance Terms

attitude, honor, saltatory, sashay, taw


transitive verb \ˈgrīnd\   (Medical Dictionary)
ground \ˈgrand\ grind·ing

Medical Definition of GRIND

:  to reduce to powder or small fragments by friction (as with the teeth)
:  to press together and move with a rotating or back-and-forth motion—see bruxism


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