noun \ˈgrā-ˌhand\

: a tall, thin dog that runs very fast and that is often used in races

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:  any of a breed of tall slender graceful smooth-coated dogs characterized by swiftness and keen sight and used for coursing game and racing; also :  any of several related dogs — compare Italian greyhound

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Middle English grehound, from Old English grīghund, from grīg- (akin to Old Norse grey bitch) + hund hound
First Known Use: before 12th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Greyhound.—Sally Anne Thompson/EB Inc.

Italian greyhound.—Sally Anne Thompson/EB Inc.

Fastest dog, one of the oldest breeds (dating from about 3000 BC in Egypt), and long symbolic of the aristocracy. It has a narrow head; long neck; deep chest; long, muscular hindquarters; a long, slim tail; and a short, smooth coat, of various colors. It stands 25–27 in. (64–69 cm) high and weighs 60–70 lbs (27–32 kg). Streamlined and slender, it can reach a speed of about 45 mph (72 kph). Greyhounds hunt by sight and may be used to hunt hares, deer, foxes, and small game. They are frequently raced for sport.

Variants of GREYHOUND

greyhound or grayhound


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