noun \ˈgrēb\

Definition of GREBE

:  any of a family (Podicipedidae) of swimming and diving birds closely related to the loons but having lobed toes — compare dabchick

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Origin of GREBE

French grèbe
First Known Use: 1766

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Slavonian, or horned, grebe (Podiceps auritus)—Ingmar Holmasen

Any of about 20 species of diving birds (family Podicipedidae) found in most tropical and temperate areas and often in subarctic regions. Most species can fly, and some are migratory. Grebes have a pointed bill, short narrow wings, and a vestigial tail. The position of their legs, set at the rear of the body, makes walking awkward. They feed chiefly on fish or invertebrates. Courting or rival males perform elaborate aquatic dances in pairs. Species range from about 8 to 29 in. (21 to 73 cm) long.


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