noun gov·er·nor \ˈgə-vən-ər also ˈgə-vər-nər\

: a person who is the leader of the government of a state, province, etc.

: a person who is part of a group of people who control a large organization, school, etc.

: a person who is in charge of a school, prison, or other large organization or institution

Full Definition of GOVERNOR

:  one that governs: as
a :  one that exercises authority especially over an area or group
b :  an official elected or appointed to act as ruler, chief executive, or nominal head of a political unit
c :  commanding officer
d :  the managing director and usually the principal officer of an institution or organization
e :  a member of a group that directs or controls an institution or society
:  tutor
a slang :  one looked upon as governing
b :  mister, sir —usually used as a term of address
a :  an attachment to a machine (as a gasoline engine) for automatic control or limitation of speed
b :  a device giving automatic control (as of pressure or temperature)
gov·er·nor·ate \-ət, -ˌāt\ noun

Examples of GOVERNOR

  1. the governor of the state of Florida
  2. He was the chairman of the board of governors at the school.
  3. the governor of the Bank of England
  4. Wait here while I get the governor.

First Known Use of GOVERNOR

14th century
GOVERNORATE Defined for Kids


noun gov·er·nor \ˈgə-vər-nər, ˈgə-və-nər\

Definition of GOVERNOR for Kids

:  a person who governs and especially the elected head of a state of the United States


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