geographical name \ˈgr-nə-ˌäl-ˈtī\\ˌäl-ˈtī\\ˈi-rət\

Definition of GORNO-ALTAY

autonomous region S Russia in Asia in SE Altai Territory in Altai Mountains Gorno–Al·taysk \-ˈtīsk\ area 35,753 square miles (92,600 square kilometers), pop 197,000

Variants of GORNO-ALTAY

Gor·no–Al·tay or Gorno–Al·tai \ˈgr-nə-ˌäl-ˈtī\ or Altai or Altay \ˌäl-ˈtī\ or formerly Oy·rot \ˈi-rət\


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