noun \ˈgüs-ˌber-ē, ˈgüz-, -b(ə-)rē, chiefly British ˈgz-\

: a small green berry that has a sour taste

: an extra person who is present when two other people (such as lovers) want to be alone together

Full Definition of GOOSEBERRY

a :  the acid usually prickly fruit of any of several shrubs (genus Ribes, especially R. hirtellum of the United States and R. uva-crispa of Europe) grouped especially formerly in the saxifrage family but now often placed in a separate family (Grossulariaceae, the gooseberry family)
b :  a shrub bearing gooseberries
:  currant 2

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Gooseberry (Ribes)—Derek Fell

Hardy fruit bush of the Northern Hemisphere, often placed in the genus Ribes with the currant (or alternatively assigned to the genus Grossularia as its sole member), in the family Grossulariaceae. The spiny bushes bear clusters of greenish to greenish pink flowers. The tart, oval berries may be prickly, hairy, or smooth. They are eaten ripe and often made into jellies, preserves, pies and other desserts, or wine. Because gooseberry is an alternate host for white-pine blister rust, growing it is illegal in some states where white pine is an important resource.


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