verb \ˈglō\

: to shine with low light and heat but usually without flame

: to shine with a steady light

: to have a warm, reddish color from exercise, emotion, etc.

Full Definition of GLOW

intransitive verb
a :  to shine with or as if with an intense heat <embers glowing in the darkness>
b (1) :  to have a rich warm typically ruddy color <cheeks glowing with health>
(2) :  flush, blush <the children glowed with excitement>
a :  to experience a sensation of or as if of heat <glowing with rage>
b :  to show exuberance or elation <glow with pride>
glow·ing·ly \-iŋ-lē\ adverb

Examples of GLOW

  1. The coals glowed in the fireplace.
  2. The fireplace glowed with the dying coals.
  3. This toy glows in the dark.

Origin of GLOW

Middle English, from Old English glōwan; akin to Old English geolu yellow — more at yellow
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with GLOW



: a soft and steady light

: a pink color in your face from exercising, being excited, etc.

: a pleasant feeling

Full Definition of GLOW

:  brightness or warmth of color; especially :  redness
a :  warmth of feeling or emotion
b :  a sensation of warmth <the drug produces a sustained glow>
a :  the state of glowing with heat and light
b :  light such as is emitted by a solid body heated to luminosity :  incandescence

Examples of GLOW

  1. We could see the glow of the lamp in the window.
  2. The town's lights cast a glow on the horizon.
  3. the rosy glow of health
  4. He felt a glow as he remembered the day they first met.
  5. Their problems were all forgotten in the glow of victory.
  6. She felt the glow from the fireplace.

First Known Use of GLOW



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